ABA Therapy in Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis ABA TherapyCBS provides highly individualized ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy, specializing in supporting children 18 months – 8 years old. Our objective is to create lasting, meaningful behavior change to enhance the lives of the children we serve by meeting children where they are with skills, interests, and values. ABA is not a “cookie cutter” approach, meaning one child’s therapy will not look the same as another child’s therapy. Services begin with a 1:1 sessions with a Registered Behavior Technician and social engagements are geared up over time both in how often they occur and how they are structured.

What is ABA?


We focus on skills that are socially significant and relevant to the individual’s


We focus on addressing behavior, which is anything that an individual can do.


We focus on making data-based decisions to ensure that our interventions are effective.

Collaborative Behavior Solutions uses the fundamental principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to guide and direct programming and behavior analysis to help individuals with differing needs reach their full potential.