Response to COVID

The CBS Response to COVID-19

Throughout the challenges of COVID-19, CBS continues to ensure medically necessary services are available for current and new clients while maintaining a safe and supportive working environment for our team members.

New Model for Collaborative Care - 1 RBT, 1 Home, 1 ClientNew Model for Collaborative Care

CBS is dedicated to bringing families quality, collaborative care. To ensure the safety and health of our clients and staff we have widely implemented a new 1:1:1 model:

1 RBT, 1 Home, 1 Client

This model is in place for the vast majority of clients to help keep exposure and spread to a minimum while still providing necessary care. BCBAs and Program Managers are utilizing telehealth options to…

  • continue real-time coaching and oversight,

  • provide supervision for technicians,

  • participate in family collaboration, and

  • work to develop telecommunication skills with our clients

To support the vital treatment component of generalization, we have created options for variations within the 1:1:1 model allowing for technician rotations. Rotations may be implemented on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis depending on the needs of each child.

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